Discover What We Are Famous For

Bonnechere Caves

The Bonnechere Caves have been welcoming people for over 55 years.  They provide a safe, educational, informative, and fun tour for people of all ages.  Everyone from babies in backpacks to senior citizens have enjoyed the handiwork of Mother Nature here along the beautiful Bonnechere River.  Formed about 10,000 years ago by the action of water on limestone, the caves were not known to be fully explored until the 1950s.  Today they are open to be appreciated for their geological significance, fossils, and beauty.

Shaw Woods

One of only a few old growth forests sites remaining in Ontario, Shaw Woods is home to trees over 200 years old.  Explore 50ha of old growth forests and 160ha of wetlands and mixed forest on 14km of trails. The site is open year-round, dawn to dusk, at no charge to the public.  All are welcome to appreciate the living old growth forests for their beauty, and unique cultural and scientific values.

Photo credit: Jamie Johnson

Bonnechere Cup

Since 1974, the Eganville Sno Drifters Club has been awarding the Bonnechere Cup to the fastest snowmobile pro racer in North America.  Eganville has the largest ice oval track and the biggest group of spectators you’ll find anywhere on the circuit!  Some of the greatest names in snowmobiling history have experienced the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat right here at our track.  Names like Lee, Vandolder, Riemenschneider, Wahl, Vessair, Schulz and of course, Villeneuve, have all shaped the course of their careers at the Bonnechere Cup.

Foymount Hill

Cyclists rate Foymount Hill as one of Ontario’s top categorized hill climbs.  Considered a Cat 3 climb, the road rises quickly with tough sections of 14% grade at its base, and then eases up as it continues for approximately 2.5km.  Beginning in Cormac, Foymount Road (County Road 512) climbs north to south with the village of Foymount at the very top.  At 548m above sea level, Foymount is the highest populated point in Ontario and home to a former RCAF radar base.  Whether you bike, walk, drive a car or ride a motorcycle, the view from Foymount hill is worth a visit.


Eganville and area includes the townships of Bonnechere Valley and North Algona Wilberforce.  Our two townships and our neighbours, the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan, are bound together by the beautiful Bonnechere River.  The Bonnechere Valley is framed to the south by an ancient mountain range now called the Opeongo Mountains, and to the west by the Deacon Escarpment.  It is undeniably a place of beauty.  Only 1.5 hours from downtown Ottawa, we are positioned to take advantage of all a world class city has to offer while living in an affordable, caring, rural community.  Let the river guide you through the lakes and forests of our home and the let the people welcome you like a friend.

Ordovician Capital of Canada

Forget the dinosaurs of the Jurassic period, we go way, way back, all the way to the Ordovician! Ancient sea creatures are fossilized in the limestone that once was the mud at the bottom of oceans covering this land. Fossils are plentiful and easy to find. Learn from the large collection at the Bonnechere Museum, head out on an organized Fossil Hunt with Caveman Chris, or walk the John Egan Geo Trail to find your own specimens.