Scenic Drives & Motorcycle Routes

A.Y. Jackson Trail

Travel the backroads along The A.Y. Jackson Trail and get a feeling for what the

famous Canadian painter from the Group of Seven likely experienced as he

scanned the countryside for interesting lakes, fields, farms, hills, forests, rivers and

creeks with an artist’s appreciation of the composition, colour, form and rhythm

before him. He painted a great many sketches in the Eganville area.



Opeongo Loop (The Opeongo Line)

Included as one of Ride the Highlands Top 10 Roads,  the famous Opeongo Line is

one of the most beautiful routes through the Eganville area, especially during the

Fall! One of several colonization roads commisioned by the Canadian

government in the 1850’s, the Opeongo is heavily steeped in the lore, art, and

songs of the Ottawa Valley. Follow the road up from the valley floor into the

Opeongo Mountains past log-barn farmsteads, old churches, rolling green

hills and mixed forests, and countless stop-for-another-picture views. Take a rest

in Foymount, the highest populated point in Ontario,1600 feet above sea level

and take in the incredible view you’ll soon be texting home about.



ATV Trails

…Trail maps will be uploaded as soon as they are available…

A Backbone Access To Existing And Future Trails


Renfrew County ATV Club is proud to be a partner and stakeholder on the new

Ottawa Valley Recreation Trail (formerly the CP Rail line) through Renfrew

County.  We continue to work with our other motorized and non-motorized trail

user groups, landowners, and municipalities to help see a successful and

respectful multi-use trail system.

This system is important to RCATV and local municipalities and towns.  It will

connect smaller trails, and bring tourism dollars generated by the ATV

Community into areas of the county which are currently not providing trails.

This trail will also enable local resident ATV enthusiasts to get on the trail closer

to home and head out to enjoy a day on the trails.

Quick Facts:

  • The corridor runs 296 km from Smiths Falls to Mattawa, with 218 km of that
  • cutting through Renfrew County
  • The trail will include 2,447 acres, 296 km in length, +/‐ 90 feet width, 37 bridges and underpasses