The Eganville area is an oasis for trail lovers with an abundance of forests, parks,

swimming areas, scenic vistas, heritage sites and welcoming communities to




Challenge yourself to pedal the Foymount Hill or the Opeongo Line with

elevations of up to 1600 feet above seas level. Take a more leisurely pedal

through the quiet countryside and soak in the serenity of the Ottawa Valley.

Join us for the popular Tour de Bonnechere: Pedal for Mental Health every

August that draws cyclist of all ages and skills from across the province.


Bonnechere Caves to Foymount Hill Trail

(Paved) – A challenging ride that can be 10 to 100km depending on route, it has

steep climbs up Foymount Hill, Ontario’s highest settlement. Start at Bonnechere

Caves just outside Eganville for route details and a chance to earn an ‘I Climbed

Foymount Hill’ T-shirt upon return during the season.


Eganville-Douglas Trail

(Paved) – This is an easy and scenic 32km bike ride that provides many views of

the Bonnechere River. The route passes by the Bonnechere Caves and village of



Golden Lake-Augsburg-Ruby Trail

(Mixed) – This 45km tour takes you from the village of Golden Lake, through the

Pikwakangan First Nation Community, to the hamlet of Augsburg. There are also

options on this route to make a shorter tour.


Lake Dore-Micksburg-Osceola Trail

(Paved) – The Snake River meanders back and forth from Lake Dore to Muskrat

Lake with this route crossing the river five times. This is a relaxing 47km ride that

takes you past some of the County’s dairy farms. Lake Dore is known to be the

largest freshwater lake without an island in North America.


Eganville is a cycle-friendly community not only to her visitors but her residents

as well. Whether passing through or moving in, meet up with the Bonnechere

Group for a ride on Wednesdays at McRae Lookout ParkBicycle repair and

sales are available locally, listed under Cycling on our Services page. 



A. Y. Jackson Trail

Lake Clear, 1961 by A.Y. Jackson

Hike to the spot where famous Canadian painter A.Y.Jackson of the Group of

Seven painted Big Rock by walking to the end of the Lake Clear public beach on

Beulow Road in Eganville and following the walking trail.  A close-up view of Big

Rock is an easy paddle away.



Connaught Trail (Shaw Woods)

This trail will take you over the Dore Scarp through a variety of forests

and habitats from bogs to rock barrens. A complex system of wetlands is highly

interspersed throughout this upland forest environment. The contrast between

open wet and dry forested landscapes provides for an especially rich




West Trail (Shaw Woods)

You are about to step into a rare and ancient forest. In many ways, it is not unlike

what the first European explorers to eastern North America would have

encountered. Some clues to recognizing this as an ‘Old Growth Forest’ are

obvious while others are more subtle. See how many of these characteristics you

can identify on your walk.



East Trail (Shaw Woods)

These trails will take you along the Snake River, Dore Scarp and Shaws Pond.

From atop the scenic lookout in times of low water, it is still possible to see the

river channel as it was before the dam was built in the 18th century to create the

millpond. The landscapes and diversity of life forms found here stand in sharp

contrast to the hardwood forest spreading out before you to the southwest.



GeoHeritage Trail

In the village of Eganville, this geologically rich trail leads you to an exhibit of

rock types, a limestone quarry, a dug trench, a walk along the Bonnechere River

and fossils.



Opeongo Road-Lake Clear

A 7 km circular trail to the pretty First Baptist Church and an old cart track flanked

by cedar and stone fences. There are sweeping views of the Bonnechere Valley

and Madawaska Highlands, and Eastern Bluebirds if lucky, as you wind your way

towards and along the historic Opeongo Road.