John Duncan McRae

John Duncan McRae is one of Eganville’s Founding Fathers. In 1892, John D. McRae built a grist mill in Eganville on the banks of the Bonnechere River. When the mill was at full capacity, it was capable of producing up to 100 barrels of flour a day. Farmers from a wide area surrounding Eganville brought their grain to be milled.

From 1904 to 1911, John Duncan also built and ran a sawmill on the Fourth Chute of the Bonnechere River. In 1906, John D. McRae built a powerhouse which supplied all of the electricity to the village of Eganville for the next 3 decades! McRae Mills Ltd., founded by John Duncan’s son in 1922 in Whitney at the eastern edge of Algonquin Park, is still run by their descendants of to this day.

When you visit the village of Eganville, stop by McRae Lookout Park: a stunning and successful reclamation project of the old grist mill site, named in honour of John Duncan McRae.