How far is it by car to get to Eganville?


Toronto to Eganville: 350 km


Ottawa to Eganville: 137 km


Montreal to Eganville: 313 km


Pembroke to Eganville: 35 km


Petawawa to Eganville: 46 km


Renfrew to Eganville: 38 km


Do you have a Tourist Information Centre?


Yes. 38 Bonnechere St. W., Eganville. Right downtown with a stunning view and


bridge over the powerful Bonnechere River into Centennial Park.


During the off-season, please email the Recreation Department, Township of


Bonnechere Valley.


Seasonal Hours   (open May long weekend to Thanksgiving weekend)


May 24 to June 30

Monday – Saturday (closed Sundays)  11am -7pm

July 1- Aug 30 (open daily)

Monday – Sunday 11am – 7pm


Sep 1 – Thanksgiving
Monday to Saturday (closed Sundays)  11am-7pm
Are public washrooms available in town?


At the Tourist Information Centre, 38 Bonnechere St. W. Eganville


Is there a Drinkable Water Station where I can fill my water bottle?


At the Tourist Information Centre, 38 Bonnechere St. W. Eganville


Where are the ATMs located?


Bank of Montreal (BMO), 266 Bridge St., Eganville,


Northern Credit Union, 237 John St., Eganville


Eganville Country Store, 138 Bonnechere St. W, Eganville


Eganville Husky, 16 Alice St./Foymount Rd., Eganville


Eganville Freshmart, 199 Bridge St., Eganville,


McEwen Gas Station, 11190 ON-60, Golden Lake


Where can I get gas?


Eganville Husky, 16 Alice St./Foymount Rd., Eganville


Eganville Self Serve, 138 Bonnechere West, Eganville


McEwen Gas Station, 11190 Highway 60, Golden Lake


Pikwakanagan Fuels, 648 Ininatig Inamo, Golden Lake


Kokomish, 153 Kokomis Inamo, Pikwakanagan


Is there a Beer Store/LCBO?


The Beer Store, 8647 Bonnechere St. W., Eganville


LCBO (liquor, wine store): 234 Bonnechere St. W., Eganville


Where can I get groceries?


Eganville Freshmart,199 Bridge St., Eganville; open 7 days/week


Eganville Foodland, 8754 Hwy 60, Eganville; open 24 hours/day until Labour Day


Is there public parking in downtown Eganville?


Yes. Parking lots are located in the heart of downtown for your convenience at

the Tourist Information Centre, 38 Bonnechere St. W. Eganville; along the river

behind Dr. Kathleen Doran’s Chiropractic office just before the lights at the

junction of Hwy 41 and Hwy 60 (west side of the main bridge); and across the

road from Conway’s Pharmacy and Bank of Montreal (east side of the bridge).


Can I buy a fishing and hunting license here?


Yes. Year-round at Village Discount and Variety, 192 Queen St., Eganville

(Electronic Draw Entry for Deer and Moose)


What area does Discover Eganville promote?


Discover Eganville promotes the Township of Bonnechere Valley (amalgamated in

2001 encompassing Eganville, Grattan, Sebastopol, South Algona) and its

immediate neighbours which include the Township of North Algona and

Wilberforce (amalgamated in 1999 encompassing Allans Corners, Beef

Town,Budd Mills,Crooked Rapids,Deacon, Dore Bay, Duquette’s Farm,Fourth

Chute, Germanicus, Golden Lake, Green Lake, Higginson’s Hill, Lake Dore, Lett’s

Corners, Mink Lake, Mud Lake, Rankin, Slabtown, Trevor Ouellette Lake and

Woito) and the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation.