The Trails

There’s more than one way to get out and enjoy the bush.  Hit the trails!  Walk, snowshoe, bike, ride or sled, whatever you like doing, we’ve got a trail for that!


John Egan Geo Heritage Trail

1 KM Easy (Caution: trail includes stairs)

For a relaxing learning experience, check out the John Egan Geo Heritage Trail in the village of Eganville. This trail is 1KM of fossils and river views! Look for fossils of Ordovician era creatures embedded in the limestone walls and river edge. Print off the Geo Brochure before your visit and really learn about our ancient history written in stone.

Geo Brochure and Website:

Address: John Street, look for signs, Eganville


Shaw Woods

1.6 – 12KM Easy to Moderate

Hikers can enjoy relaxing, scenic trails at Shaw Woods free of charge, all year round.  This 160 hectare site boasts 50 hecatres of old growth forest, 12km of trails spread out on both sides of Snake River, and educational signage all along the routes guarantees you this will be a memorable experience.  Learn about flora, fauna, how a forest grows, forest critters and how human influence can impact woodlands.

Website: /

Address: 2065 Bulger Road, Eganville

Deacon Escarpement Cabins, Camping and Trails

UP TO 30KM, Easy to Intermediate

Woods, wetlands, lakes, wildlife and one of the best views of Golden Lake and the Bonnechere Valley from the top of Sauers Mountain.  DECCT offers steep climbs and challenging trails on rocky outcrops to easy strolls through oak forests.  Best of all, you can rent a cabin or pitch a tent and stay long enough to explore all 30km in any season!  For those that just want to get on the trials for the day, pop $10 in the hollow log at the parking lot and set off for a day hike.  Truly a welcoming Valley business!


Address: 12560 Highway 60, Golden Lake

Blueberry Mountain (aka Tramore Cliff Trail)

2 KM Intermediate

The steep, rocky climb is totally worth it for the view of Golden Lake, Bonnechere River and Round Lake. Mid way up the trail smoothes out and footing becomes easier. This trail is open year round and particularly spectacular in the fall. Trail is marked with pink tape on trees. There are multiple offshoot trails if you feel like exploring the crown land on the mountain.


Directions: Intersection of Tramore Road and Kilby Roads. Trailhead is not obvious, but begins behind the green Kilby Road sign on the east side of Tramore Road.



8KM- 80KM, Easy to Advanced

The Pakkotinna Trail system has it all.  This is a complex wilderness area, home to everything from large predators to the most delicate wildflowers. The trails feature steep hills, lakes, geological wonders, rough campsites, wildlife, and an amazing view from the Deacon Lookout.  The trail system is long and varied, so there’s something for everyone from easy to advanced trails. Using multiple access points, you can spend as much or as little time exploring the trails as you like.

Hikers and Bikers: A word of warning here, the trail markers are set up for motorized travellers, not hikers and bikers, so they are spaced farther out than a standard hiking trail.  There are also minor trails and private trails crisscrossing the main routes. You will require basic navigation skills to feel confident on the trail.  See the RCATV system map here for a quick overveiw. Be ready for intermediate to advanced sections on every loop. Most of the area is Crown Land, but the trails do cut through a few private lands and hunt camps. Please respect private property.

ATV:  An OFATV trail pass is required on the Pakkotinna and all Renfrew County ATV Club trails.  This is one of 6 interconnected trail systems the club maintains. Its the volunteers that make all of this happen, so give them a smil and a wave when you see them on the trails.

Sleds:  Trail passes are required.  The Pakkotinna trails are maintained by volunteers from the Bonn-Trae Snowmobile Club. The B101A and the B102 are popular trails through the Pakkotinna, connecting riders to Eganville and the surrounding small towns, amenities, and days of riding. The Pakkotinna trails make up a section of the 230km Round Bonnechere Loop (BON). Riders will enjoy railbed and pipeline corridors mixed with spectacular views atop twisting mountainous terrain and easy access to services and accomodations. The loop highlights the Bonnechere River system, its lakes, and the hilly terrain that borders the valley. Head up the B101A or the B102 to the B trail for the Round Algonquin Park (RAP) tour. This well established route is a 3-5 day, 900km tour all the way around the park. There’s lots of varying terrain with trails using pipeline, hydro and rail corridors. Services are readily accessible. The RAP tour offers uncrowded trails with changing scenery and lookouts of the Ontario wilderness.


Major Access Points:

  • Sands on Golden Lake, North parking lot.  13163 Hwy 60, Deacon
  • 12752 Highway 60
  • ##Round Lake Road

Renfrew County Forests

Various Lengths and Terrain

The County of Renfrew owns 53 separate forested areas of land called the Renfrew County Forest (RCF). The area covers over 6,500 hectares (16,000 acres) and is managed by the Forestry & Geographical Information System (GIS) Division. About a dozen of these tracts can be found in Bonnechere Valley and North Algona Wilberforce.  The forests are open to explorers except during active harvesting operations. 


Address: Various access points, see website


The Renfrew County ATV Club

The RCATV club makes it easy for you to explore over 1000 kms of networked trail systems and trail routes, built on a foundation of over 400km of connecting abandoned rail lines. Trails are accessible for all technicality and experience levels and 90% SXS-friendly. RCATV trails cut through muddy wetlands, shaded forests, majestic look-outs and shimmering lakes.  Its all accessible from right here in our area.  Get on a trail, for as many hours, or days, as you want. The club’s interactive map is an excellent resource for all explorers.  Hotels, gas stations, food, parking lots, camping, its all on the map. 



Snowmobile Clubs

The Eganville Sno-Drifters club volunteers keep the trails in and around town in perfect sledding shape. The club also cooperates with the Township of North Algona Wilberforce to host the annual Bonnechere Cup. Pro oval track racers speed down the ice track cheered on by the largest crowd of spectators you will find anywhere in Ontario! Vintage sleds and ATVs have a go at the track the day before the big race. Always a fan favourite!

The volunteers of the Bonn-Trae Snowmobile Club lay down the white pavement for riders west of Eganville, across the ice of Golden Lake, and up to Algonquin Park border. Grab a ticket for their annual “When Will I Sink?” fundraiser at the Sands on Golden Lake. If the sled on the lake ice sinks during the date and time on your ticket, you win $300 cash! Fundraisers keep these awesome folks working the trails so the rest of us can ride as far as our sleds will take us!

The clubs are just two of 15 that combine into Snow Country Region OFSC District 6. They maintain just a part of the 2850km of super sledding trails available in the district.