Caves and Geology

One of the Ottawa Valley’s most amazing natural wonders is the world famous Bonnechere Caves located right here in Eganville! Enjoy a tour through these 10,000-year-old caves, discovering fossils and the unique geological history of the area. Carved into 500 million-year-old limestone by ancient waters and glacial movement, the Bonnechere Caves are a spectacular attraction you will not want to miss.

Cave touring isn’t all that you can do at the Bonnechere Caves either. Try Underground Dining for an unforgettable evening or attend Cavestock, where local artists put on a rockin’ (see what we did there?) good show underground.

FUN FACT: Did you know that the village of Eganville is the Ordovician Capital of Canada? That means when it comes to fossils of that time period, we really know our stuff!
We know firsthand just how addicting fossil hunting can be, so make sure you don’t miss the fascinating collection at the Bonnechere Museum,  join one of their fossil hunts and hike the GeoHeritage Trail.